Revival & New Update Schedule!

We’re back!

So it’s been three months since I’ve posted on this blog. Yikes.
Well, let me just say it’s been an extremely busy and hectic three months.
But I’m finally able to resume posting on a blog, especially as production on my
game continues. So here’s  the new update schedule:

I’ll be posting every Sunday from now on.
If I don’t post then, it’s because I’m extremely busy, lazy, or don’t have internet. Or all three.
I dunno. I’ll also be doing random updates from time to time, depending on the subject.

Anyway, the Cleveland Summer Game Jam begins this Friday, so expect updates from that!
And soon beyond that, I’ll be fully revealing the details of my newest game:
Silicon Savior Sasha! Here’s some art to sooth you over for the meantime.


She’s a beaut, ain’t she?

Anyway, that’s all for now! We’ll be touch soon, I promise. 😉



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