Story Work



Yeah, I forgot to update again. Oops. But hey, at least it’s not a month late, right?
Riiiiight? …No? Anyway, I’ve got a few small updates.

I’m still working on the dialogue script at the moment. It’s taking a LOT longer than I intended it to, mainly because I’m just plain unsatisfied about how it’s coming along. I think I’m happy with the current result now, though. Be prepared for some serious twists, revelations, humorous dialogue, etc. 

Second, playtesting applications have begun. There’ll be a page up soon about the duties of being a playtester. Basically, you just have to either a) play a certain section of the game, b) fill out a quick survey, c) do some other stuff. Yeah… Anyway, to apply, all you gotta do is comment or shoot me an email. It’s that simple!

Finally, I’ve got some random news.
A while back ago I signed up for the PlayStation Mobile development membership, so I’ve got some plans for that in the future after S3 is finished. Well, that about wraps up this blog post. There’s also a new Donation button, so, y’know…donate. I could REALLY use the money so I can (legally) start the company, do some marketing, commissions, etc.

‘Till next time, later!


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