Chuggin Along



Hey guys! Shut up, I’m know I’m a day late again. This time it really
just slipped my mind. But that’s only because I’ve been busy
developing the game! 

First off, most of Alivia Town (the main hub) is completed as far
as design and mapping goes. Serene Grove Zone, the first level,
is completely mapped. All that’s left to do now is add enemies,
finish the puzzles, add treasures, music, etc. Verona City Zone, the
second level is almost complete. 

I’m also launching our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.),
so I’ll put links to all of them once they’re finished and done with. Then,
(as soon as some sprites are finished), I’ll make the full reveal of the game
for everyone to see and gawk over. Exciting, yeah?

Just for shiggles, here’s the full level list (save for one, due to spoilers):

  • Vienna Forest (Prologue)
  • Serene Grove Zone
  • Verona City Zone
  • Calamari Resort Zone
  • Crazy Castle Zone
  • Crystal Mountain Zone

And here’s a few new screenshots!



See ya soon! 🙂



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