As you could no doubt tell from the title of this post, things have been kinda stressful lately.
Why? Well I’m telling you why! Because Santa Claus is comin’ to townnnnn~ *shot*


  1. I commissioned someone over three weeks ago to remake two sprites from the
    VX RTP into the DS style. Normally, I wouldn’t be sweating over this…
    except that these sprites in particular are for THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS.
    I’ve just been using placeholder sprites in the meantime. However, as long as
    I don’t have those sprites, I can’t edit their poses or even
    make a full reveal of the game to everyone.

    I’ve contacted the guy multiple times, and the most recent message I got from
    him was on Thursday. He gave me basically a preview of the sprites (which he says
    are done), and that I don’t have to pay for the sprites anymore.
    That’s actually pretty awesome of him, especially since the sprites look fantastic.
    I shot him off a message…which he  still hasn’t responded to.
    Despite him being online after I sent it.

    So now I have to delay the reveal of the game. AGAIN.

  2. Why am I so upset that I have to delay the reveal? Because there’s only
    two weeks left until school starts back up again, leaving me with a LOT less time
    to actually work on the game.  My original plan was to get as much of the game done
    until school started up again, then work on it whenever I possibly could
    (without killing myself) afterwards. The original reveal was supposed
    to be two weeks ago…then last  week… now this Friday. Hopefully.
  3. The game’s script.

    Dear god, the game’s script.

    It’s terrible. In my eyes, at least. I DO have somebody proofreading
    what I’ve got so far (only 20 pages), but I honestly think it’s the worst 20 pages
    I’ve ever written. Bah, I don’t know. I’d have to get more opinions on it.

  4. Actual level design is pretty slow right now.
    Alivia Town, the main hub of the game, is completely
    mapped out but not decorated. And while it’s bright and colorful (as I intended),
    it just doesn’t look…right. Then another level is outright terrible to look at.
    That’s what I get for making it on the rooftops of a city, I guess…
  5. Still no music. There’s placeholders, but they sound like crap.
    It’s something I’ve stupidly overlooked, and now I have
    no idea what to do. Should I commission/politefully ask
    someone to compose for the game? Or just use royalty free music that
    most people have probably heard before? Decisions, decisions…

So, that’s about it for now. Despite all of this, it’s not a total nightmare just yet. Everything
else is going rather smoothly. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be redesigning
and adding stuff to the website, so I’ll update you guys on that.

Later! 😀


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Whaddup Davionne. If you’re looking for music, I got you my friend. Just let me know what you’re looking for stylistically wise. Perhaps send my way some songs that you really like the feel of and I’ll see what I can do. Been following the creation of this game all summer and have been really excited.


    1. Avvy says:

      Thanks bro! I’ll be talking to you about it as soon as I can get a stable internet connection. Thanks!

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