Closing the Book

Well…this is it beautiful friends.

Tonight is the last night of my summer vacation. Tomorrow, I return to school.
It’s been a great summer full of ups and downs, but no regrets.

…Oh god, I sound like one of those melodramatic Tumblr guys. Huh.
Anyway, after today (I’m gonna be crusin~, after today she’ll be miiiiine~) my game development
time will be pretty limited. From now on, I’ll pretty much only be able to work on it in my
free time during weekdays and weekends.

This wouldn’t be too bad if the person I commissioned finished the sprites sooner.
I got tired of waiting, so I commissioned someone else who got Sasha’s sprite done within
a night. So there’s that.

As far as technical and coding progress goes, it’s pretty stagnant. I requested for
someone to make a small change to the Item Selection menu, but that’s about it.
Behold, the worst mockup in the history of the world!


That’s what I plan on the item selection screen to look like. Right now, it’s really long
and wide, and encompasses another selection screen I don’t need. I don’t have the time
or know-how to edit it myself (sad, I know) but hey, what can you do?

I’ve mostly just been finishing what I’ve got of the script.
It’s coming along pretty well, and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from it.
I have three (soon to be four) people proofreading it, all of whom are extremely helpful.
I’ve also done a bit of decorating of Alivia Town and whatnot.

The main thing I’ve done is fully flesh out the game mechanics and collectibles
as far as planning goes. The main collectible within the game is “Trophy Cards”,
which reward you for doing optional content. There are thirteen total in the game:

  • Six for each major/extended sidequest
  • Three for Alivia Arena ranks (Rookie, Rising Star, Champion of the Ring)
  • Three for collecting Sasha, Andrea, and Lucas’ ultimate weapons
  • One for collecting the previous twelve cards

Along with each card, you get a token of what you did to accomplish the achievement.
There’ll be a Trophy Card Room within Winehart’s Lab (the main hub) for the player to view these.

I’ve also finalized the map item count (similar to Zelda), which ended up at five –
one for each level before the  final one. The total number of items is still up in the air,
though. Each item also has a combat purpose, such as the Hookshot being able to stun
an enemy or the Speed Shoes being able to increase the party’s agility temporarily.

Each status ailment has different effects to it. Poison, in addition to decreasing HP
over time, also has a chance of paralyzing you, lowering your agility and evasion
rates, etc. Each spell has a chance of inflicting a status effect, too. Burn (the fire spell),
has a chance of, you guessed it, burning an enemy and sapping their HP for a few turns.
I’ve also decided that both the players and enemies are 100% susceptible to ALL status
ailments, including bosses. The party can equip rings and accessories to lower their
chances (the enemy cannot) but the enemies won’t be spamming them like crazy.

Well, that’s about it for this post. I plan on finishing the rest of my summer reading,
watching the new episode of Catfish: The TV Show and maybe a little of the VMA’s.
I’m really getting tired of the commercials, though. They’re pretty annoying.
I probably might play a little more Mega Man IV. Man, that game is great…

See you guys next Sunday! Later! 😉


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