Release date trouble and items!


Hey guys!

So, everything’s mostly been going good. I’ve been trying to get stuff done
so I can finally show off a demo in a few weeks. School’s still been pretty
chill, except for my Chinese class (seriously, it’s the most tense and
stressful class I’ve ever had mainly due to the teacher). I’m also sick,
so I couldn’t get as much done as I wanted to. Oh, well.

But I did get SOME stuff done, so that’s good!
I cut down, finalized, and implemented the map-item list, and resized and simplified
the item select screen. Check it out:


So now, there’s three map items you can use in the game:

  • Everlasting Bomb – blows stuff up. (Found in Serene Grove Zone – The Sky)
  • Magic Teleshot – allows you to cross large gaps. (Found in Verona City Zone – The Rooftops)
  • Boomerang – retrieves items from afar. Duh. (Found in Calamari Resort Zone – The Islands)

Yeah, those are just basic descriptions of them. The in-game descriptions are a bit more
tongue-in-cheek, though.

As I said before, I had to cut the item list down from five to three. This was mainly due to technical
reasons, since I couldn’t get the last two items to work properly, and because it was simpler to
implement. It’s better this way, since now I know the player will have all three items after a story
event, meaning I can create more complex puzzles utilizing all three items.

In other news (before the bad news), I’ve got new art assets coming in! First off, an awesome
peep of mine has agreed to remake the game’s logo into something more unique and eye-catching.
So this means that the logo will have been done three times now!

The new logo isn’t done yet, but I’ll certainly update you guys when it is!
Speaking of logos, I’m making a new one for Studio Zevere! It’ll be something
a bit more eye-catching, but relatively simple and neat.

I’ve also got new artwork coming in! Another awesome IRL friend of mine
is doing the character artwork for all art that’s not in-game. And it looking
great so far! In addition, ANOTHER awesome IRL friend will be doing
pre-release story comics pretty soon. (but that deal was made awhile ago)

Best part is that they’re all doing it for free.

I love people. 😀

Now for the ‘bad’ news…the release date.
Unless someone can somehow convince me, the game is gonna have to
be delayed for both development and business reasons.

I had originally planned to release the game sometime in November.
However, I had been setback due to someone I commissioned not having
my sprites finished (I ended up going to someone else), and now I’m being
slightly setback by school. My plan was to come home, finish homework
and whatnot, and use my remaining time to work on the game.

Yeah, that didn’t work. More and more, I find myself immediately
plopping down into bed, taking a 2-3 hour nap, and…yeah. Plus, I’ve
got after-school acting rehearsals that go to 6:30 (and eventually 9:30).

But here’s the business side of it, and that’s what I’m really afraid of.
Here’s what scares me:


  • Game nowhere near completion
  • Grand Theft Auto V release


  • Game still not completed
  • Pokemon X & Y release
  • Wind Waker HD release


  • Earliest possible time for release
  • PS4 & Xbox One release which everyone will be throwing their money at (lord knows I will)
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts release which more people will throw money at (I won’t)


  • PS4 & Xbox One sales and whatnot


  • ??? (people have no more money/busy with new consoles & games/burned out/etc.)

I don’t know, maybe I’m just being paranoid. I had totally forgotten about
the new console releases until now. Maybe if I was releasing on Vita/PS4 or
if it was just one console release, I’d be fine. But I feel as if I’m not.

I dunno. I don’t want to release to early or late. Or maybe there’s no such
thing as release early or late. At least no matter how long I delay it, I’ll
have more time to further polish the game. Maybe.

If anybody has thoughts on this, feel free to drop a line.
Don’t worry, I don’t bite. 😉

Well, that’s it for this post. I’ll be working as hard as I can before Ingenuity Fest
comes around. For now, I’m gonna try to get over this cold and finish an
English essay.

Come to think of it, I really shouldn’t be on the internet when I’ve got
an essay due tomorrow. 😐

Testing some tiles. May not be used in the final game.
Testing some tiles. May not be used in the final game.




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