Ingenuity Fest, “Triumph” and combat procrastination!

Hey guys! Hope you’ve all been lovely. 😉

I’ve been pretty awesome lately. School is going great, I’ve got a musical audition
tomorrow, and Ingenuity Fest is this Saturday, which is where I’ll be publicly
demoing the game for the very first time. I’m excited and nervous at the same
time, but I’m also stressed because…well, keep reading.

Anyway, let’s get down to business, shall we? First of all, I added a new game in the
“Other Games” section titled ViravaniThere’s not much there at the moment,
but it’s a just a little teaser for what’s to come in the not-so distant future. 😉

Second, I’ve nailed down (sort of) the release date for Silicon Savior Sasha.

I plan on being done with and releasing the game in February of 2014.
Admittedly, it makes it a little harder on me since I’ll have to bug test, market,
etc. while coming off of school finals and studying all by myself.

What am I getting myself into…?

Bah, whatever. I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the end, right? Riiiiight…?

Anyway, next in line for today is Project Triumph!
Lately, I’ve been playing the SNES remake for Dragon Quest I, and I love it.
While it is still pretty primitive, I love the amount of freedom and opportunity
for exploration you’re given.  So, just out of random BS’ing, I came up with a little
idea which goes something like this:

  • A solo RPG (turn-based or action) in which you try to help Death conquer the world
  • Create your own character with three distinct races, and twenty classes (which can be mix-and-matched and changed anytime)
  • Have a large variety of unique weapons to fight with and lots of loot
  • Have all dungeons be randomly generated
  • Have a large, open game world
  • Utilize Zelda-style items and puzzles
  • Have a difficulty that’s hard, but fair and VERY rewarding
  • …and ultimately makes YOU feel like a hero

I chose the working name “Triumph” because that’s what I want the player to feel.
TRIUMPHANT! It’s a game designed to make you feel like a winner, and make you
as if all your hard work, patience, and strategy was totally worth it.

As much as I love this idea, it’s definitely gonna have to wait awhile and is CERTAINLY
not my main project. I do wanna get a short tech/prototype demo ready for Ingenuity
Fest this weekend, but that may not happen because…

ENEMIES! Yes, enemies, are all I have left to add to demo of Silicon Savior Sasha. 
(well, that, and treasure, weapons, and story segments but enemies are most important).
Why am I having so much trouble with this? Five reasons:

  1. I’m a lazy, procrastinating bastard.
  2. I decided to have an SNES night where all I did was play SNES games and get sidetracked from the game.
  3. I’m a lazy, procrastinating bastard.
  4. My battle HUD is nowhere near in a state where I’m comfortable showing it off.
  5. Did I mention I’m a lazy, procrastinating bastard?

And there you have it. Really, if I use the rest of this week wisely I should be able to
finish the demo in time and maybe have time to create a VERY short demo for
Triumph. Then again, I also have to create some business cards…and two
name stands…and optimize the computers…and bug test…and still deal with
school work…and musical auditions that go until 6…and a field trip on Friday…
and a Chinese quiz on Tuesday…

Somebody hold me.

On that note, I’m off to work on the game. If you have any suggestions or feedback on
any of what I’ve said, ESPECIALLY Triumph, let me know. And hopefully I might
see some of you guys at Ingenuity Fest. ;D

‘Till next time, lovelies! Later!


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