We’re alive! An update on the current state of affairs.

Hey guys. Long time, no see, right?

As you can tell, I haven’t made a post on here for over a month.
Why? Well…let’s just say it’s been a busy and tiring month.
So I’ll just explain via bullet points.

  • No Wi-Fi connection in my house. There’s a wired one, but I prefer not to use it since it’s not even in my room, it’s in use most of the time, and when it’s not I only use it for an hour or so.
  • Depression over Ingenuity Fest. The night before, I ended up pulling an all-nighter trying to get a demo for Silicon Savior Sasha finished. Ten minutes before I decided to start getting ready, I decided to lay down for a bit. This ‘bit’ turned into six hours, meaning I completely missed my timeslot for Ingenuity. Needless to say, I was VERY bummed for the next few days.
  • A crappy demo. Alright, the demo I finished wasn’t completely terrible. Serene Grove Zone, the first level of the game was pretty much finished (other than blocking off the bonus areas for the sake of time and sanity) and playable for the festival. However, the battle HUD wasn’t (and still isn’t) near completion, so the placeholder HUD I used ended up looking pretty terrible. The encounter system I wanted to use wasn’t working properly, so I had to implement an “Enemy Radar” system from a previous game last minute. It was so last minute, I didn’t have the chance to change the graphic to fit the aesthetics more. The balancing, just like Super Rope War, was completely off. (though, this was partially intentional seeing as it was a demo) Overall, the Ingenuity demo isn’t necessarily something I could show off at another con, especially since I never got any feedback on it whatsoever.
  • Busy with IRL stuff. I’m trying to balance writing a play for my school’s student-led play expo (called New Stages), getting directing and stage managing experience and helping out with my school’s musical, Once on This Island, preparing for NaNoWriMo, schoolwork, sleep issues, and other, personal stuff IN ADDITION to developing a game. It’s a lot to handle, to say the least.
  • Lack of motivation and desire to work on the game because of the Ingenuity demo. I knew making a game would be tough. I knew that it wasn’t going to be very fun or uplifting. I got demotivated many times throughout my game-making experience in the past 3+ years, but I carried on. I guess this time, due to the IRL workload I’m going through, in addition to working on the game the ENTIRE summer left me really tired.

So yeah, that’s why I haven’t worked on the game or written a blog post.

But I think I’m ready to keep going forward. The only thing I’ve done this
month is revise the script based on a critique (thanks again, Neverward!),
play with some art assets and techniques…and mostly, and most beneficially-
I played some actual games! It’s been such a long time since I actually had
multiple weekends where I just sat down, relaxed, and played some vidya games.

I played DuckTales, Mother/EarthBound Zero, Pushmo,
Mega Man X, Mega Man VII, Zombies Ate My Neighbors,
Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Kazooie,
and Maniac Mansion. I finished
Super Mario Bros., Mother 3, Mega Man IV, Ninja Gaiden (NES), Sonic Heroes (again),
replayed the Genesis Sonic games, and am in the midst of 100%
Super Mario 3D Land and Sonic Generations (3DS). And all while
having an actual social life. Sorta.

I’m relaxed, refreshed, and ready to get back to work! 😀

So that just leaves the question…what now?
Well, Silicon Savior Sasha is changing…for the better, of course.
Time to whip out those bullet points yet again!

More streamlined and linear gameplay

  • Zones are opened up similar to how “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door” did it. Since an item is gained during each level, the item is used to gain access to the next zone in Alivia Town (the main hub). This changes:
    • The layout of Alivia Town (some buildings moved and/or removed)
    • Some slight story and dialogue changes (see below)
    • Allows for easier balancing when it comes to enemies

Story changes

  • Most of the story is pretty much the same. Some of the plot items have been mostly removed, such as the Transportation Cards. Before, they were used to get to levels instantly. Now, there’s only two – one that transports Sasha to Alivia Town, and another one used to transports to Sasha to her world.
  • Solaris, the main antagonist, has a few extra scenes (some playable) to further develop her character and intentions.
  • Charlotte, a major character, has been given a slightly revamped personality in which she’s more kid-like and realistic, and less annoyingly innocent and sweet.

Changed encounter system

  • I’ve decided to go with “Touch” encounters instead of random encounters or the Enemy Radar system used in the Ingenuity Fest demo. It’ll take a lot more time and assets to accomplish this, but I honestly think it’s worth the effort. It gives the player a little more freedom in how to approach battles, and lends a little more life to the maps.

Shortened game length

  • This one is still in flux, but ultimately depends on how I design the levels and battles. I’m aiming for 4-6 hour length for the main story, and 6-10 hours if going for 100% completion (compared to 5-8 hours and 8-12 hours, respectively). I have no idea what the actual final length will be, but I’m not keen on artificially padding it.

So those are the changes for Silicon Savior Sasha.
Everything else is still in place, such as tiered weapons with
unique attributes, six total zones, on-map items (think Zelda), etc.

But what about everything else? What other projects are in development?
Bullet points, work your magic!

Project “Dream”

  • Tentative title. Game I’m working on in my free time…of my free time. Whatever that means. The project is in early stages, so I don’t wanna reveal stuff and then have it never been heard from again.

Lucas & Me

  • The script I’m writing for New Stages (my school’s play expo where everything is done by the students, and each play is ten minutes, and is performed in a black-box theater). I’ll share it on here once I’m finished with it, since I’d absolutely LOVE feedback on it, however harsh it may be. 😉

The Adventures of the Tekniks

  • Novel I’m writing for NaNoWriMo. Umm…yeah. NaNoWriMo hasn’t started yet, so there’s not too much I could say.

Super Summer Dash HD

  • Super, super, SUPER early planning for a Free-to-Play iOS/Android title that’s basically an extension of the game I released last summer. It’s mostly just for shits and giggles, seeing as I don’t own an iDevice, and my Android phone sucks. If anything, I’m just fake planning a title that will most likely never materialize.

Project “Triumph”

  • Remember my game idea I described in the previous blog post? Yeah, I decided to scrap that for now. Maybe one day…

History of Studio Zevere – a retrospective/post-mortem

  • Eventually, I wanna do a huge playthrough/post-mortem of all my previous completed games. It’s not really gonna be a ‘history’ or anything super special like that – it’ll just be a development insight on each game, what went wrong/right, etc. It’ll be interesting, seeing as most of the games I’ve completed I will most likely NEVER re-release ever again. There’s a reason I took down those games from the web in the first place. But that’s for a different time…

Let’s see, what else is there…? Um…I’m getting a PS3 (for free)
next month, and I’m really psyched for that. I also really want
Pokémon X & Y, which my ENTIRE school is playing, but I don’t
have the cash to spare for that.  My Chinese class is still stressful,
my theater and graphics class is awesome, and Sharknado is brilliant.
That is all.

So, yeah! That’s about it! Maybe I’ll release the Ingenuity demo for download,
but I’m not gonna worry about that for the moment. I’m so sorry for not updating this for a month,
but now I’m back. 

And you know what? It’s good to be back.

See you guys next week! Later!




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  1. Xaoka says:

    Sounds good 😀 Glad you’ve got back into blogging 🙂

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