THE BRAVEST FOUR – First Details





Destiny awaits.

(logo not final)

Sorry for the delay, everyone! I’ve been busy with multiple things, as usual.
But now that I’m back, I’m proud to fully reveal The Bravest Four, the newest game from Studio Zevere.


TB4 is a retool of Silicon Savior Sasha. Basically, all the game mechanics are still the same, but features a few new mechanics and a new story, which goes something like this:

“For the past six years, Dr. Bella Winehart has been hard at work uncovering a lost temple beneath the ground. After finally excavating it, all that’s left to be done is to open the door that leads into the temple, which is said to house the grand secret of the world. She commissions four of her college students to help her with this task, and take further steps to discovery…

Little do they know that some secrets should stay secret.”


Game Features:

  • On-map, turn based battles against fearsome foes! Combat is easy to learn, but difficult to master.
  • Combined magic and status effects! Some spells can also inflict a status effect to an enemy, who all are 100% vulnerable – even bosses!
  • The Bonus Meter, which fills up as you fight and grants combat bonuses to you!
  • Unleash devastating attacks with your Limit Skills, which can turn the tide of battle in an instant!
  • Different field tools to utilize to solve clever puzzles and to damage enemies outside of battle!
  • Six difficulty modes that can be changed at any time during gameplay.
  • A engaging, modern day adventure featuring a varied amount of locales and optional missions.


Major Differences from Silicon Savior Sasha:

  • Battles are now fought on the field and are seamless instead of transitioning to a separate battle screen.
  • The world is now much more open and has more locales.
  • Skills now have an Area-of-Effect (AOE) to them instead of hitting one or all enemies on screen.
  • Modern day story with a somewhat larger cast, albeit still relatively small.





If I had to compare the game to something, it’d probably be Chrono Trigger + Zelda + Ratchet & Clank + EarthBound = this game. It’s been a long and difficult road to get to this point, but right now, I’m happy with the outcome.


So yeah, that’s it for now. There’s a bunch of stuff that I want to talk about in the coming weeks, but I’ll save it for later. I’ll be talking about difficulties during development, how I did certain stuff, more differences from Silicon Savior Sasha and the status of that, more story and character details, art and music previews, etc. I want to be more involved with you guys and avoid being so silent. I can’t wait to be able to show this off even more, and I hope you guys are just as excited as I am.


The Bravest Four will be releasing sometime in Spring of this year.

‘Till next time, enjoy the rest of these screenshots. Aidos, bradhuskis. ;D


(whoa, you actually made it this far? you’re awesome! 😀 )


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