Audio Dramas and New GIFS

Hey guys. Still working on the final part of the post-mortem blowout. Hang tight, though, it’s about half done. Like I said before, it’s a lengthy post, and I’ve been really busy with starting a new class, being in a new show(s) set to last the next two months, and general game dev. I’ve been really tired lately, and a lot of days I don’t even feel like doing anything except sleep. I press on, but I don’t know how long I can keep up. Anyway, enough about my stupid troubles. We had a snow day today, so I’ve been spending the day working on the UI interface and basically completed everything that needed to be done with that. So, what’s new with Studio Zevere and the game?

Well, like the title says, I’ve got a few GIFS for you guys, so they’ll be riddled throughout the post. I’ve also decided to start making Audio Dramas when I have the time. Basically, Audio Dramas are movies…without the visuals. At  least that’s how I’m planning to do it. I’ve got a few projects planned, such as a one-off comedy, a 10-episode series of Castle Story, and perhaps some additional story content for The Bravest Four. How so, you ask? Simple!


Testing a hookshot puzzle. Graphics WIP.

Basically, the TBF audio dramas would provide a bit of backstory for each of the characters and the world leading up to release. Of course, this backstory is NOT necessary to understand the events and characters within in the game whatsoever, and will mostly be woven into the narrative itself. It’s just additional content if you want to know more about the world, that’s all. Whether or not this will come to fruition, only time will tell…

Speaking of the story…the characters and their roles may be slightly changed. I did a read-through of the first act, and I’m not very satisfied. But don’t worry, I’ll remedy it. I plan on working on the story throughout the entire weekend, so that should help.


Anyway, thanks for listening to my spiel. Until next time, see you guys later. 😉


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  1. Leinkreig says:

    Not that much a fan of those clouds in the first gif, to be honest. Some just look like they’re going too fast – I think they’d work better slower.
    I’m hugely fond of the last gif though (and the battle system)! It’s like a mix between ABS and actual battles like the old Final Fantasy games, and the “bonus meter” along with what looks similar to that of Ziffee’s spin command from VX intrigue me.
    The maps themselves look nice, too. They have a simplistic feeling, but that’s good: it fits perfectly (in my opinion)!

    Overall, good job with the work! It looks awesome so far, and I’m really enjoying the graphics as a whole. (Though the shadows beneath the trees don’t look accurate – especially the last gif with them being pine trees yet a circular shadow.) In any case, I’ll be following this.

  2. Avvy says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I see what you mean about the clouds, I’m definitely going to make them go slower. I’m probably gonna redraw them, as well. I’ll be working on the shadows too, but they’re a lot harder than I thought they would be. Thanks again!

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