Preview of Updates to Come!


Hey y’all. Been a while, right? Just got a quick update for ya. I plan on updating you guys with a huge post pretty soon. For now, I can definitely tell you what it’ll contain:

  • The Bravest Four – updates and playable demo!
  • The Amazing Office Adventures – full reveal!
  • LEAP – details on that and how it effects the games
  • School’s MYP Project – things that entails

…and misc. other goings on with my life and Studio Zevere! Hopefully I can get it up by next week, but we’ll see.
I also have a draft of the third and final part of the Post-Mortem Blowout, but I just haven’t got to finishing it. Yeah, it’s like, 
a million months late, but I’ve been busy. Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys later. 

(P.S. Played Transistor recently. GO OUT AND BUY THAT SHIT)


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