Call for Prototype Testers

Hey guys!

The main menu. Font and whatnot is not final.

I bet you’re hankering for some more info on The Amazing Office Adventures, huh? Well…too bad!
…Okay, well, not really. Here’s the skinny:

LEAP starts next week, which means I’ll get my new laptop/funding, which means I can work on the game more diligently and for longer periods of time. That’s a good thing. I intend to have a short public demo out next Wednesday, but in the meantime, I’m creating a smaller prototype demo that’ll be tested within a small group of people so I know what mechanics work and what doesn’t.

Interested in being a tester? Here are the requirements:

  • Need to be running Windows (version XP or higher)
  • Need to have actual free time to play the game (shouldn’t take too long, only 10-20 minutes)
  • Need to be able to give thorough feedback on gameplay, bugs you encountered, suggestions, etc.

Still interested? Fantastic! If you wanna be a tester, go ahead and fill out this extremely short form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible. For the rest of you folks, much more information on the game will be revealed next week! And for other matters? Well, E3 was last week, and it was AWESOME! I’ll be posting my full thoughts on the subject sometime tomorrow.

A SUPER early and unfinished screenshot. Dunno why I posted it, just something that shows off the characters at least.

Stay tuned, and have a pleasant night. 😉


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sounds like it’d be interesting – I’ll fill out the form.

  2. vergyl says:

    Did you already close the testing phase?

    1. Avvy says:

      Nope! In fact, we’re just starting it in a few days! 🙂

      1. vergyl says:

        Okay I will fill out the form.

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