Update on “The Bravest Four”, Unused Content, and GLITCH Kickstarter


Hey y’all. 

With me occasionally talking about The Amazing Office Adventures and whatnot, you might be asking yourself – what happened to The Bravest Four? Well, here’s the answers to the most obvious questions…

  • No, the game is not cancelled.
  • No, the game will probably not come out this year.
  • Yes, the game is indeed on hiatus for the moment.

So why did I decide to postpone the game and instead work on The Amazing Office Adventures. Well, to make a long story short, due to the way the engine and the modified battle system work, creating any skill, item, or tool was an absolute time-consuming nightmare. One day, during my past spring break, I took a break from the game and started playing around with some old pixel art from a long while back, and made a little battle demo for myself. I thought “yo, this is pretty neato”, and randomly thought up a story and some game mechanics. Upon further thinking about it, I actually realized it could work, and believed I could work on both at the same time. All by myself. Alone.

Boy howdy, was I wrong.

Anyway, even though it’s on hiatus, it’s certainly not cancelled. I still intend on releasing the game at some point, but for now, The Amazing Office Adventures is my current priority. And depending on how THAT game does, The Bravest Four might be radically different… but we’ll see about that. Nothing’s set in stone, after all. Speaking of TAOA, I intend on revealing exactly what it is… tomorrow! Or Saturday. One of those days, trust me. 

For the moment, though, since it’s decided that it won’t be used at all (for the most part), here’s some unused stuff from The Bravest Four that you can download and look at all you like in reverse-chronological order (i.e. in the way I found them), mainly for those interested on some of things that go down when writing an RPG, game development in general, etc… for me at least. 😛

  • The (outdated) design document for the game, listing many of the gameplay mechanics, items, skills, etc found in both The Bravest Four AND Silicon Savior Sasha. This is one of my more less-organized GDDs, but it’s fine, since it was mainly made for me (until now) seeing as I was the only one working on it. Some of the elements (such as the states/ailments) return in The Amazing Office Adventures in an altered form.
  • Short, unfinished script from mid-pre production. This is back when the story focused mainly on Gavin, Sylvia (his sister, who was playable at this point), and Laury (their dog, also previously playable). I’m too lazy to go back and re-read it again, but from what I can remember, I thought the chemistry between Gavin, Natasha, Kylie, and Clyde was MUCH better, and went back to focusing on them. The chemistry between Gavin & Sylvia was alright, but too similar and of less quality than a previous game script I had written, back in April of last year called Lily & Leo.
  • The script that led to the above script. Mostly made out of boredom and details a slice of life between the two in their apartment. Kinda. I dunno, it’s really stupid.
  • A script from even earlier. Gavin, Natasha, Kylie, and Clyde are still there, but the Xerofanatix (the main antagonists) were named Cloud Six in this version (despite only being made up of four people), and the opening scene and final scene (that I wrote here, which ended at Chapter 1) were VASTLY different from the current version, but contain most of the same elements. Definitely an inferior version because of that, even though the rest of the script is mostly similar to the current one.
  • The second script of the game written, back in last November. I consider it to be one of the worst things I’ve ever written, and didn’t get to far in it. Again, the original four are still here, however, this is during the time when Gavin’s sister, here known as Elise, was actually a main character and later got kidnapped, and was the main driving force of the story. Dr. Winehart was also not present in this version whatsoever, neither was the “Door of Discovery” which is the driving force of the current plot. Gavin is also named Zeke in the version as well. The game was also known as “Midnight Shadow” during this time, and didn’t have the on-map battle system it has now. 
  • I can’t find the file, but the very first script for the game, written back in November also, while having the same plot as the above script, started out VERY differently – it opened with a concert scene in which a psuedo-terrorist attack took place, leading to Elise’s kidnapping. The Xerofanatix/Cloud Six were present, but weren’t introduced until much later, had one less member, and their leader was male instead of female. A major character named Lucy was also present, who masqueraded herself as a being known as the Midnight Shadow (leading to the game’s title), and betrayed the team late in the game. 

There’s probably (a lot) more, but that’s for a later date. I could go on about what made it into the game and what was cut. Hell, I could even do it for Office Adventures, since a LOT of stuff has been cut so far, but I’ll probably wait until after the game is released. I might do it for other, completed games as well, but who knows?

Also, I’d really love for you guys to check out this project on Kickstarter. It’s a turn-based RPG called Glitch, and it’s concept and gameplay seem really awesome. Please, show your support and give these guys your money! They’re only about 10% of the way to their goal, so make sure you donate anything you can!

Anyway, that’s about it. Much more info on Office Adventures is coming up sooner than you think, and be sure to check out the above Kickstarter. Seriously, this game looks so kick-ass. Pledge it. Buy it. Support it. Please? 

I’m gonna go play Half-Life 2 now. Gotta get them Steam sales, yo. ‘Till next time, stay classy, folks. 😉


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