What is “The Amazing Office Adventures”?

Meet the crew of Game Studios Inc. – except for their boss. He was too drunk to show up.
(Designs & art not final)

Here comes a new challenger in the gaming industry!

Fresh from graduating college, 22-year old Jenny Mallone travels to the city of New Crestwood to join the team at Game Studios Inc., and create the greatest game of all time. Unfortunately for her, such success doesn’t come so easily, especially with rival companies quickly taking over the market…

The Amazing Office Adventures is a turn-based comedy RPG meant to be extremely funny, extremely difficult, but extremely fair.

  • Battle your foes in a difficult and unique turn system known as Free Turn Battle (FTB)! There is no MP – instead, you fight with skills that consume Action Points (AP) that refill at the start of every turn, but each skill also has their own individual cooldown and warmup that must be paid attention to as well.
  • Utilize a robust Job System that influences your characters stats and abilities.
  • Combined skills and status effects, which every enemy AND player is 100% vulnerable to!
  • Unleash your Special Attacks when your TP bar is full, allowing you to turn the tide of battle instantaneously.
  • Play as seven characters, each with their own job, abilities, and field uses!
  • Fight and develop through six episodes in any order that you choose!
  • Choose from six difficulty modes, ranging from a true challenge to an absolute test of virtue and patience!
  • Meet tons of memorable characters via a comedic, risque, and laugh-out-loud storyline focusing on game development and gamer culture!

The Amazing Office Adventures is due to be released sometime during Summer 2014. Time to get hype, son.

For now, here’s some extremely early screenshots. Note: the following images are from early pre-alpha test builds and are NOT representative of the final game and are due to the change in the coming days and weeks to come.

And here’s a taste of the soundtrack, wonderfully provided by the always amazing Thr33’s Company.

Well, that’s all for today! Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for instant updates. Thank ya kindly!


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