Character Profiles #1: Jenny, Michelle, and Sam


Hey guys!

This is the start of a new series of posts titled Character Profiles. Basically, it lists some very brief, basic info about some of the fine folks in the world of The Amazing Office Adventures. Cool, huh? Well, without further ado, let’s start with our three playable gals, all currently working at the fantastic Game Studios Inc. Ladies first, am I right?


Age: 22

The main heroine of this ever-so-exciting tale. She’s a recent college graduate who majored in Game & Interactive Media Design and Computer Engineering. She’s sarcastic, friendly, and full of spunk and energy, and is (not) always ready to work. She’s pretty laid-back and chill, and can find humor in nearly anything.

Out of the entire crew, she can be considered the one of the sanest people there… but that’s not saying much. She’s sometimes a bit of an ass, but has an optimistic heart, and follows orders (mostly) dutifully, even if she doesn’t agree with them or completes them in the most efficient and logical way.


Age: 26
Job: PR (Public Relations) Rep

Doug’s (the CEO) daughter and the business, finance, and public relations manager of the company. She began working at Game Studios Inc for her father to find a stable job out of college. She believed it would only be a temporary gig; however, she enjoyed her job so much, she decided to stay permanently.

As far as finances, she basically keeps the company afloat due to her good people skills and exceptional math knowledge. She’s also really, really friendly! However, she does have some dark and surprising pastimes  that she occasionally delves into, many of which are very, very unusual and oftentimes illegal. However, she’ll just bring it up nonchalantly, as if there’s nothing strange about it. She pretty much loves all her co-workers, and treats them as an extension of her family. All in all, she just comes off as a plain, sane, friendly gal – for the most part.


Age: 25
Job: Programmer

A tomboyish, loud, and brash gal from the South, Sam Brinkton is certainly one of those characters. A former Southern belle, she holds many traditions and customs from her hometown in the deep rural South – some kind and generous, others not so much. She’s amazingly welcoming and kind to newcomers, and carries a lasso from her childhood named “Lucky Lucy”, which she believes to give her extreme amounts of luck.

Despite her often reckless behavior, Sam overall is a pleasure to work with, when she isn’t randomly screaming and firing her pistols. She’s extremely loyal to her company, and her co-workers – all of whom she calls good friends. Her programming ability, on the other hand, well…let’s just say that her code isn’t necessarily the most stable.

Well, that’s all for now. Tune in for the next edition of Character Profiles, coming…eventually.

Until then, stay classy, folks.


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