7/24/15 Update – Downtime, Movie & Game Info

…and we’re back! Yay!

Sorry for the downtime, folks. I wanted to wait until I finished a complete site-revamp, but I couldn’t wait to get back writing. But it’s been awhile, yeah? Sorry (again) for keeping you in the dark. Events have happened. Mistakes were made. Things have changed.

Anyway, this is gonna be a pretty short update since I’m pressed for time, but I just wanted to alert you guys on some stuff.

  • This blog will also contain random updates, ramblings, and post-mortems on film/theatre related stuff I’m doing. In the next couple days, expect a full post-mortem on a short documentary I did titled Behind the Mask, as well as stuff about my current feature film Absolutely Essential.
  • The Bravest Developers (previously known as The Amazing Office Adventures) is very much still in development. A lot has changed, but I’m very excited about what the game has become and I’m super stoked to show it off to you guys very, very soon. (not trying to necessarily hype stuff, just waiting until it’s ready)
  • Expect a site redesign in the coming months.

That’s pretty much all for now. I’ve gotta get going to prep for a film shoot tomorrow, but in the meantime, I leave you with these:

“Behind the Mask”
A five minute documentary about the Ninth Grade Theatre Experience at Shaker Heights High School.

Production stills from “Absolutely Essential”

As for The Bravest Developers, well…I’ll save that surprise update for another day. 😉

‘Till next time, friends.


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