October 17 Update: Still Progressing Edition

Sup y’all. Got some updates of The Bravest Developers for ya. The new and final story is about a group of aspiring game developers attempting to prevent the game industry from crashing again in less than 72 hours. It includes stages based around E3, e-sports, virtual reality, and more!

With that being said, here’s some screenshots. Apologies for the choppiness in the gif, GifCam didn’t capture the 60fps the game runs at:

Character faces are leftovers from the previous art style. Battle background to become more intricate soon.

A test enemy created simply to wail on. Ignore the random, cut-off bottle icon in the corner. Just pretend it doesn’t exist. Even though I just told you it does. You’re probably looking at it right now, aren’t you? You should stop that. Thank ya kindly.

Item listing.

Final design of Jenny in the new overworld art style!

So yeah, that was just a quick update. Hopefully I’ll have overworld screens to show VERY soon! Until next time, peace.


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