January 9 Update: Steam Greenlight page is now open for business!

Hey guys!

The Steam Greenlight page for She Dreams Elsewhere is now open! Be sure to vote for us!

“She’s been asleep for so long…”

“It’s about time she woke up, yeah?”

Vote for the game on

She Dreams Elsewhere is an RPG where you must travel inside the mind of a comatose woman in an attempt to defeat her nightmares to finally wake her up.

You play as two characters – Thalia and Tessa.

Working together is absolutely vital to success.

At your combat disposal is a variety of skills, special abilities, status effects (that are ACTUALLY effective against all enemies and bosses), and combo attacks between Thalia and Tessa.

You can also take advantage of the Boost Meter to receive bonuses and buffs during and after battle.
(if you want, it’s your choice, free country and all)

Plus, if you want even more (or less) of a challenge, there are six Difficulty Modes to choose from, in addition to a New Game Plus mode.

There’s also a Developer Commentary mode, but nobody cares about that, which kinda sucks…

There are also dogs in outer space.

Except it’s technically not space.

It’s a dream.


It’s a real thing. Trust me on this. I’m a scientist after all.*

Anyway, there’s a ton more to this game.

But I ain’t a fan of spoilers, so I guess you’ll have to play it for yourself, yeah? (Won’t be too long now)

Until then, follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, IndieDB, and vote for us on Steam Greenlight.

Thanks for your interest in the game! You’re the best. Really.

*DISCLAIMER: not actually a legit scientist


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