Demo releases NEXT WEEK! (December 5, 2018)

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving.

I’m super excited to announce that the playable demo for She Dreams Elsewhere will launch next week on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5th! It’ll contain the first hour of the game and should get across the general vibe I’m going for.

You’ll be able to download and play it via Steam, or RPG when it releases.

Also, the postmortem for DreamHack Atlanta will be dropping later this week as well! I hope you all look forward to it; I loved the event and I can’t wait to share my experience with you all.

Oh, and before I forget, poll for you guys – how would you all feel about a behind-the-scenes development vlog? Kind of a like a more personal, smaller-scale version of Double Fine Adventure, with stuff like map creation timelapses, design processes, tutorials for RPG Maker, maybe even a livestream or two… I’ve got a ton of ideas for it.

I’ve set up a Strawpoll, so please let me know your thoughts.

In the meantime, I’d loooooooove it if y’all would wishlist the game on Steam and spread the word if you haven’t already. Also, feel free to follow the game on Twitter, Instagram or via email newsletter updates. There’s also my personal Twitter or Insta if you really care about what I’m up to.

See ya, uh… later this week. Heh.



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