Q: Who are you?
A: My name’s Davionne, but I go by Lorenze on the internet. I’m just a guy who loves making stuff, man.

Q: Why do you alternate between using “I” and “we” in some of your posts?

Q: Where did the name “Studio Zevere” come from?
A: Honestly, it’s one of those names I came up with as a kid. I thought it sounded cool, so it just kinda stuck. Previous names were “Zevere Interactive”, “Team Zevere”, “Zevere Studios”, etc.

Q: How the hell do you even pronounce “Zevere”…?
A: It’s like “severe”. Except with a “z.” It’s not that hard, right?

Q: Who works at Studio Zevere?
Currently the only full-time “employee” is me. Just me. So if things around here seem kinda lifeless or updates are weird, it’s just because I’m juggling a lot of stuff. Don’t worry, though – I’m still alive and working! But just be aware of that. Apologies in advance.


Q: What platforms will the game be on? When is coming out?
A: It will be available for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam. Don’t you worry, it’ll be out soon! Y’know… when it’s finished… eventually…

Q: Will you be using any kind of DRM?
Nope! The game will be completely DRM-free wherever possible!

Q: Who’s all involved in the creation of this game?
Mostly myself (Lorenze) as far as core development goes. Mimi Page is also composing the score for the game as well. In addition, development has gone a lot faster with the help of many, many scripts developed for RPG Maker, various art contributions, testing, moral support, coffee, etc. A full credit list will be available to view on the website near the game’s completion, as well as included within the game itself (in a very special way).

Q: Will this be on Xbox One/PS4/Nintendo Switch/whatever?
Maybe! But for now, I’m just focusing on finishing the game and launching on PC, Mac and Linux first.

Q: What distribution sites will I be able to buy the game from?
A: Steam, the Humble Store, and itch.io.

Q: What engine/programming language are you using?
RPG Maker MV, which uses Javascript.

Q: How much will the game cost?
A: $19.99.

Q: Will there be pre-orders available?
Nope. What’s the point? It’s a digital copy, man.

Q: I wanna post videos / stream the game… is that okay?
A: Of course it is! Post whatever you like, no restrictions. All I ask is that you send me a link to whatever you upload so I can watch. 😉

Q: I’m trying to record gameplay footage, but I only get a black screen. What gives?
A: Ugh, okay, so this one’s on RPG Maker, not me. Long story short, the newest version of the engine doesn’t play well with a lot of recording software. Here’s a few other options you can try out:

  1. Use display capture and either a.) crop your recording window or b.) make the game fullscreen. (If the game starts dropping frames, try turning “Synch Monitor FPS” ON.)
  2. If using Windows 10, use Xbox Game Capture. From personal experience, this works flawlessly.

Other than that, I don’t really have a solution quite yet, sorry. I know it’s a pain and I know several people are trying to solve it. Hopefully it’ll be fixed by the full game’s release.

Q: Will my save data from the demo transfer over to the full game?
No, sorry 😦

Q: I’m a dope music composer and I wanna score the game!
Haha, I get this a lot. Thanks for the offer, but the game already has a composer (s/o to Mimi!) and the score’s been completed for some time now. I appreciate your interest, though!

Q: Can I help out some other way?
A: Wishlist the game on Steam and spread the word! It’d really help out a lot. 🙂 Otherwise, maybe you can help test it out? Signups are over here if you’re interested.

Q: How do you make games?
A: Google it…but try it out for yourself! Game creation is extremely fun and rewarding!

Q: Every other question?
A: 42…

Q: But actually though.
Feel free to drop a line, broski.



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  1. Joe Pledger says:

    I am producing a 2d multiplayer online game for Facebook platform. Do you have any experience using Unity? I would like for you to help me put it together if possible. There is a Facebook page link on my homepage with what I have so far.

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