Absolutely Essential

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Four teenagers gather together to finish an important group project, but chaos erupts as personalities clash and lines are drawn in the sand. With time running out to complete the project, both their grades and their futures lie in jeopardy.

Genre: Comedy / Runtime: 62 minutes

Release Date: October 9, 2015



  • Rachel Krause as “Nicole”
  • Isabella Ilijasic as “Stephanie”
  • Max Laskey as “Lance”
  • Hadas Marcus as “Jordan”
  • Allie Lovely as “The Narrator”


  • Written and directed by Davionne Gooden
  • Produced by Ruth Geye & Davionne Gooden
  • Cinematography by Lorenze Alexandre
  • Edited by Sophia Ciccarelli & Davionne Gooden
  • Makeup by Sheila Scanlon
  • 1st AD – Joe Matts
  • 2nd AD – Kelsey Jones
  • Stunt Coordinators – Sophia Ciccarelli & Joe Matts