Roxanne in Wonderland


The stakes have never been higher…

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Roxanne in Wonderland is a dark comedy crime thriller that concerns a high school senior who, after getting into the school of her dreams and being financially cut off from her parents in the course of one evening, is approached by an unexpected business partner with a dangerous new source of college funds.

Inspired by the likes of Heathers, Risky Business and The Wolf of Wall Street, the film tackles such themes as the pursuit and corruption of the almighty dollar, the pressure put on teenagers to be “perfect”, and the effect of your actions and the consequences that follow.
Elena Dumm as “Roxanne”
Hannah Modlin as “Jazz”
Allison Osborne-Nurse as “Allie”
Hadas Marcus as “Kate”
Gus Mahoney as “Zeke”
Directed by
Davionne Gooden
Written by
Ruth Geye & Davionne Gooden
Produced by
Sophia Ciccarelli, Ruth Geye, Davionne Gooden
Edited by
Jamie Bebbington, Sophia Ciccarelli and Davionne Gooden
Cinematography by
Lorenze Alexandre
Music by
Paul Hynes & Hugo Meredith-Hardy
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