Super Rope War

DOWNLOAD HERE! (Windows Only)

Here’s the game I made for the 2013 Summer Game Jam in Cleveland. I posted my reflections on it in the previous blog post, so you can take a gander at that if you’d like.

What if there was a world in which every battle of a war was fought
out via violent tug-of-war matches? Well, this game (kind of) answers that question.

 photo ScreenShot582_zps3fade973.png
In Super Rope Waryou fight through five turn-based RPG battles in order to end the war once and for all. The catch? The “Rope Meter” can turn the tide of battle in an instant – it’s your job to exploit it for yourself.

 photo ScreenShot575_zps79c01950.png

DOWNLOAD HERE! (Windows Only)


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