The Bravest Developers

Hey there.

So you’re interested in the game, huh? That’s wassup, man. Anyway…

The Bravest Developers is a 2D indie JRPG where you must prevent the video game industry from crashing. Again.

In short, it’s a game about video games and game development. And it’s coming, uh… One of these days. For sure. Definitely.

So what do you do in this game? Well…

You can take part in strategic, fast-paced battles against lovely enemies such as cosplayers, fanboys, corporate execs, rampant e-sports players, hipsters, and so many more.

You can customize your character in a “Job” system where you take control of various positions in your average game development team.

You can use items called “Tools” to solve puzzles in a variety of five unique stages.

You can switch between six difficulty modes to better fit the challenge you wish to take.

You can also beat up broken, malfunctioning asshole computers.

Because who wouldn’t wanna do that?

Not you, that’s for sure.

Sounds sweet, right? Feel free to follow the game on Twitter or Facebook. Or follow the blog.

That works too.

(p.s. – all screenshots on this page are from a pre-alpha version of the game that doesn’t represent the final version. so, y’know… there’s that too)


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